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The dream of Alice in Putterland

Alice in Putterland is a family business created by Hazel, Mark and Brooklyn.

It all began with a dream. 

Hazel woke one night after having the most vivid night's dream a combination of Alice in Wonderland and mini golf. She turned to Mark and explained her dream, to which he responded 'Go back to sleep babes'. But, much like after a nightmare she struggled to get to sleep and started the very first elements of the research. 

Once the day broke, Hazel convinced Mark to play mini golf at the local course - and this time the pair looked carefully at the construction trying to determine if they could set to work creating their own. 

The next step was determining if there was a market for the business in New Brighton, and after a post on the local group page - the family decided to start their feasibility study.

A few months later a suitable space was found, and Mark got to work building and creating the space as you see it today. 

Sometimes, if you work hard - dreams really do come to life. 

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